After Ever After


FUN FACT: Thing young man auditioned for glee but never made it…. personally I think that was a mistake. He is quite good at harmonizing and sees the realistic side of things. The Young mans name is John Cozart and he “just wanted to put them in real-life scenarios to see what their lives would look like. “The 20 year old YouTube Star is a sophomore in college and attends University of Texas at Austin. The video was already ranked number one in iTunes comedy charts and he even got a letter from President of Disney Theatrical congratulating him. Many people have asked him to post more videos of other Disney characters and Cozart is thinking about doing more so if you enjoy the video you have that to look forward to. I think hes doing quite well for someone who didn’t make it on Glee.


The Gnat

Besides the mosquito I believe the Gnat comes in close second for most annoying thing/bug . Besides the fact that its tinny and in your face the Gnat doesn’t just travel alone . The Gnat travels in packs . The mosquito on the other hand is a lone wolf . What really makes the mosquito annoying is the sound , and of cores the after effect. (the itching and scratching) The Gnat has a different approach for being annoying. Our dear friend the Nat  tends to come in groups and they stay in groups forming a wall of black annoying things. The Gnat is not afraid of get on you and wondering on your skin. Unlike the mosquito who knows not to stick around the Gnat doesn’t do anything but walk around you and make you feel unconformable. At least with mosquito you can put a net up and prevent it from being annoying the Gnat has no net. Its so small I’m pretty sure it could just fit threw the cracks .


Personally I could do with out either of them . Personally the world would be much better with out them . Heck maybe if we didn’t have Gnats and Mosquitoes the world would be a nicer place . You never know.   


3 Miles and 40 Obstacles of pure fun! Acting like a kid again !  100 yard long Mucking Mud Pit, thrilling Mud Slide, Cargo Net Climb, and Creek Crossing just to name a few. Mudathlon is a great way to do something with your time and go running. The best part is it doesn’t even feel like you are running a race because your having so much fun.

I ran this last year and had a blast the people I met were crazy and dressed up in all types of crazy thing.Trust me when i say you will have to try to not get covered in mud! The day I ran was burning hot but the mud was oh so cool which made it amazing . Along with water being handed out so you stay hydrated the whole 3 miles wasn’t a problem.   Medical staff on hand and ready to keep you good and energized . I would recommend this to anyone who just want to have fun, isn’t afraid to get dirty or run. This is the type of stuff that makes life fun.



Instead of a normal class and a student going back to the computer , or a teacher just clicking a button . This teacher chose to keep his students involved . Granted you don’t really learn anything in the 2 min and fifty-two seconds, it keeps you paying attention. Pretty sure if he kept it going the students would stay up or not be on their phones. I don’t know if this teacher keeps the attention of his students or not. I’m just saying that’s one really awesome way to do it.

Passion has no


Passion has no hatred
Passion has no limits
passion has no boundaries
it just brings us together

I herd this today . I did not know the man but he was talking about how passion can take away boundaries and take away hatred . Passion is something everyone can have and it just brings us close. I thought this was very true and I will never forget it.

This One is For The Teachers

My 4th bell / period .. What ever you wish to call it is pretty rowdy. Half the class won’t ever be quiet when the teachers talking, do their homework or pay any attention . Don’t get me wrong it’s not everyone but a majority of boys are the culprits of this situation. They are rude & disrespectful and think it’s funny. This class irks me so much . I’m sorry if I seem like I’m ranting but I just don’t think it’s right.

Teachers have feelings too. Educators may not always be right, and sometimes, just sometimes, they are people too. It’s not cool to call your teacher “mom /dad.” It’s not funny to back talk them and it’s certainly not okay.
I admire teachers because their job is hard. (especially at mason b/c it’s such a huge school.) A teacher has to check to see if all the students are safe and stay safe , they have to grade tons and tones of papers. They have to plan out “fun things” All this while being patient with people’s ignorant comments and actions. (In mason they have to do this at most 4 times a day.)
If I was a teacher I would have already screamed at a bunch of people , called them out and used a bunch of words you shouldn’t say to anyone . A teacher has a lot of compassion to put up with all this crap . Honestly I feel really angry when I hear some kid brag about how his class one year made a teacher cry or scream or something along those lines . Why would you be proud of making someone upset.
So to all the educators who read this thank you.


Magic Bananas

Bananas contain three natural sugars -sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber. Bananas give a sustained and substantial boost of energy. In fact research suggest that 2 bananas give enough energy to sustain you for a 90 min workout. The banana can protect you from illness and keep you healthy so yeah it be a good idea to add it to your diet. 

According to a recent survey undertaken by MIND amongst people suffering from depression, many felt much better after eating a banana.This happens cause bananas have  tryptophan (type of protein), the body changes this into seretonin and that makes you relax. Next time you see some one sad make them eat banana it will help .

Bananas can also help with PMSing (makes you feel better ) and Blood pressure . The reason it helps with blood pressure is because it’s extremely high in potassium yet low in salt. It can also help you learn better and help with hang overs because the banana calms the stomach, and if you add honey and milk and make a banana milkshake the honey builds up depleted blood sugar levels, while the milk soothes and re-hydrates your system. 

The banana also helps you from getting cramps during a race or any time of exerciser.  It’s safe to say bananas are one of thee best fruits out there. They pretty much work magic on the human body, I guess that’s wear they got the  meaning to the expressing ‘magic bananas”