I’m sorry for the rambling…its not to bad I promise! Plus I bet I’m not the only one who feels like this. I and the rest of my class have one more year of the “easy years”. One more year where we can fool around and get one on one time/help with our teachers and just have someone watch over us. Its the last year most of us will be with our parents and even at home. The last year we will see some of our classmates for a very long time or even for ever.

Yeah yeah most of the people in our high school say things like ” i hate this place ” or  “I cant wait to be out of here” chances are they will be the ones who miss it the most. The expression that comes to mind is  you don’t know what you have until its gone. Its completely true ones we are all in college we will start missing all the good times we had with our friends and peers. That my friends can be a scary thought, knowing that people you know and love are gone.

The things that scares me the most are not the fact that I might not see everyone or I wont be living at home. The things that scare me are grades and being lost and over all my freshman year.  The fact that I am terrible at taking test makes very nervous. Knowing that homework is not a big part of your grade adds the the nervousness. Also getting lost , lets face it colleges aren’t small . I honestly really don’t want to be that one chick who came in super late for class and dropped all her books and has a map with her trying to find her first class.

Maybe its all in my head and movies and other media have forced this view of college that’s not at all what it actually is. I think I’m just getting anxious like when we first when into the middle school and they told us how things were gonna be. Or when were gonna go into high school and our 8th grade teachers told us it was going to be “hard.” High school certainly did not turn out like I thought it would be and quite honestly I am very glad.

Well first is first i have to apply for college then get accepted… maybe I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself . Good luck to the seniors this year , I personally will miss you guys! Good luck in college!


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