3 Cheers to Irena Sendler

Well hello spring breakers ! Hope everyone’s enjoying there times where ever they are . If your one if those people who never goes outside in Cincinnati Ohio you might have not noticed the cold crappy weather Mother Nature has blessed us with . That brings me to another point remember when Al Gore did that sweet power point on global warming and made everyone thing the world was getting hotter . (Ha so much for that idea) Well not to be mean about it but I totally disagree on the fact that he won . Your probably saying to yourself “oh my gosh seriously drop it it was 5 years ago stop” and yeah I should drop it but I just wanted to get my thoughts out .
BACK TO THE AMAZING AL GORE ! I truly believe he should have lost , I believe he should have lost to the  Irena . You’ve probably never herd of her and that’s a darn shame.

During WWII she got permission to work in the Warsaw ghetto as a pluming /  sewer specialist .During her time she smuggled Jew infants OUT IN THE BOTTOM OF THE TOOLBOX SHE CARRIED. She also carried a burlap sack for larger kid. ( Whoa yeah that must have been heavy ) Well if you didn’t think she could get any cool get this , she had a dog she taught to bark when the Nazi soldiers when they let her in and out of the ghetto .  Of course the soldiered  didn’t want anything to do with the dog and the barks covered the infants crying. Sadly she was caught and as her punishment the Nazis broke both her legs plus arms and beat her severely. Irena kept a recorder of all the kids she saved in a glass jar buried under a tree in her yard . After the war she tried to locate the parents that may have survived and tried to return the families .  As you can probably guess most of the parents had been gassed and didn’t survive . The kids she did save of those families were placed in foster homes or were adopted.

Irena died in 2008 but hey she has a movie its called “The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler ” It was relesed in 2009 (so it muc=st have pretty good quality ) I personally haven’t seen it but its defensibly on my bucket-list. OKAY so now you know why I believe Al Gore should have lost . Don’t get me wrong everyone needed to told that the earth is getting warmer and be are killing our planet but seriously ……who would you want to win?

Irena  Sendler



Close your eyes right before the crash. Calming eh?  okay close your eyes at the end of this one.

Did i just blow your mind ? Are you wondering why this relaxes you ? Well here’s the thing the moment you close your eyes you feel dead for a moment. The effect tricks your brain into thinking you really died ! Now I’m not a psychologist or doctor so I don’t know exactly know what goes on in your head in order for this to happen but i do know its amazing. Its amazing how the mind can do that . How it can change your mood immediately . I don’t know how this was created or why but I find it amazing . If I find more ill add em on to this post .


Alexandria’s Genesis, a.k.a violet eyes

People born with Alexandrias genesis have blue or gray eyes and after 6 months there eyes being to change from the original color to Purple ! Yup that’s right Purple not brown, or green Purple! During puberty the eye becomes a deeper purple or a violet blue .*this doesn’t hurt the person at all) so yeah you have purple eyes… seriously how awesome and scary would that be if you’re standing in line and this person turned around and had purple eyes!  OK besides having purple eyes this mutations gives the person extremely fair skin that does not get burned or tanned.Their hair is usually dark brown or black and they do not develop any other hair apart from that which they are born with. That is hair on their heads, eyelashes, and inside the nose. This gives them the advantage of not dealing with shaving as hair will not grow where it does not exist before puberty.Speaking of puberty, the women also do not menstruate even though they are indeed fertile and can have normal children. Alexandria had four girls all of whom also had the mutation. They have really strong immune symptom and have really long lifespans going up to 170 years old. They look 5-10 years young and and age slower . Oh and get this after 40-50 THEY STOP AGING!  WAIT it gets even better ! A person with this mutation has 20-20 vision and never gains weight thanks to there great metabolism . even as they grow older and remains perfect to their death. Ladies and gents the perfect human . Don’t you wish you had this cause I know I do …. its very rare but imagine if the genes were harnessed imagine all we could do for the human race .

Hide-n-seek ….alone

Alight readers here’s a new one for you. Next time you’re bored and its really late and you’re home alone do this it’s bound to keep you busy for a bit.* honestly don’t recommend it but thats just i believe in the super natural and don’t want to chance anything) Playing hide-and-seek-alone is quite popular in various parts of Asia. Those who have tried it report that it actually works and that they felt their lives were threatened. This web site has some stories about it. http://hakei1211.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-2.html

Hide and Seek Alone

You will need:

  • A doll with legs. (The doll serves as a place for the spirit to enter, therefore it is advised that you not use a human doll or a doll that you really like because there is a great chance that the spirit will not leave the doll.)
  • Rice (The spirit that eats this offering is said to grow stronger)
  • Red thread (This symbolizes blood and acts of restraint)
  • Something from your body (Fingernails are the most commonly used, but some use their own blood, skin, hair, etc. Don’t use someone else’s body parts or else it becomes a curse.)
  • Weapon (Something to stab the doll with so that you can anger it. Real knives are dangerous, so most people use pencils or needles.)
  • Salt water or alcohol (Without this, the game won’t end. This material is used to get rid of the spirit.)
  • Hiding place 
  • A name (Giving the spirit a name is the most powerful thing a human can give. Names give spirits great power.)

Step 1: Cut the doll and replace its insides with rice. 

Step 2: Place something from your body into the doll. 

Step 3: Wrap the doll with the red thread thread as if to hinder it. 

Step 4: In a bathroom, pour water into a large washbasin and find some place to hide. 

Step 5: Place a cup of salt water in the place before starting the game. 

To play:

Step 1: Start at 3 A.M. because that is the time when spirits are most active

Step 2: Give the doll a name 

Step 3: When the clock strikes three, close your eyes and say “First tagger is (doll name)!” three times. (If you’re talking to the doll, you must talk sternly.)

Step 4: Go to the bathroom and place the doll in the washbasin. 

Step 5: Turn off all the lights

Step 6: Close your eyes and count to ten. Ready your your weapon and head to the bathroom. Go to the doll and say “I found you (doll name)!” and stab the doll. Afterward, close your eyes again and say “Now (doll name) is it!” three times

Step 7: Place the weapon next to the doll and go to your hiding place. You MUST lock the door as well as all other doors and windows.

Step 8: Drink the salt water, but do not swallow or spit it out. The salt water will protect you from the spirit. 

To end:

When you want to end the game, take any leftover salt water or alcohol and find the doll. Keep in mind that the doll may not be in the bathroom and there have been instances of it being outside. When you find the doll,  Spray the salt water in your mouth on the doll and do the same with the excess water you have left. Close your eyes and shout “I win! I win! I win!” The spirit in the doll will give up and and the game ends. It is advised to dispose of the doll by burning it. 


  • Keep the game under two hours. After two hours, the spirit in the doll will be too strong to be removed.
  • You must play alone. The more people there are, the higher the chances of someone getting possessed.
  • Don’t go outside
  • When hiding, BE SILENT
  • Turn off all electronics before starting
  • When running away, DO NOT LOOK BACK. Also, don’t fall asleep while playing. The doll might stab you. 
  • When discovered by the doll, you can get a small wound or even get possessed. If found by the doll, be careful because your weapon will be somewhere on the floor or in your pocket.
  • After the game is over, it is important to lean up properly. Be sure to put salt in every corner of the house, especially places where you put the doll and where you found it. Salt is said to scare away spirits. 

People who have played have reported some of the following events that usually take place while playing:

  • TV changing channels on its own
  • Perfectly normal lights flickering 
  • Doors opening and closing
  • Hearing the sound of laughter

Woah crazy right . Just typing all this is scarring me . One question this brings up is …….who invented this game and why……..just why???

Death to Munchkin


The other day I was forced to watch The Wizard of Oz. (I’ve never seen it so my friend said I had to watch it with him.) Anyways in the middle of the movie as see in the video my friend randomly screams out ” woah did I just see that?!” After collecting myself from the scare he gave me I asked him what he was talking about. I’m not to sure if most of you are aware of the munchkin myth but I sure wasn’t until now, but then again I haven’t seen the movie till last weekend . If your wondering what the heck the myth is let me give you a summery of they myth. The myth is a munchkin had been driven to suicide by misery resulting from an unrequited passion for another munchkin. The snopes.com website dismisses the munchkin story as an urban myth and says the strange moving shape in the woods is a bird, most probably a crane on loan from the LA Zoo to lend a sense of wildness to the studio set. People still believ its a munchkin who killed himself and maybe it’s true. Maybe it is and someone is just trying to cover it up or maybe its just people being people. Watch the video , what do you think?

The Era

This to me is remarkable . The world has come a long way from where it had bin. Peace is a very important thing ,it’s what keeps us together and let’s us live side by side. When I think of peace I personally think of quiet and serenity. It’s relaxed and that’s amazing when you have so many people in the world with so many different views on things. It’s crazy to think that we are in a peaceful era. I live with 4 different people in my home and find it very hard to agree on things, share things and get along with them . Imagine country’s with city’s that’s a lot of people all living in the same “home” . This actually makes me proud to live in this era and I hope it continues .


SHIPPING , a simple new word and I bet most of you have not the sliest idea what it means . Alight young papdawans, sit down and let ol’ Erika teach you about the latest thing .
Most of you people who have lives and don’t spend most of your life on the Internet believe shipping to be: The transport of goods by sea or some other means. And you would technically be right. But if your like me (90% is spend on the Internet , you don’t like to go out , you honestly don’t have friends,not because your weird , but because you’ve never tried making em because you spend most of your time on the computer ) you would be wrong .
Shipping to the common Internet user is basically an abbreviation of “relationship”. To ship two people means you want them to be in a relationship together, usually romantically.
The best part is the people who use shipping . Shipping is mostly use by teachers and professors (and friends but that’s not as interesting ) go ahead and ask your teacher if they’ve ever done that. (You’ll probably have to explain what it is first) you will be amazed at how some story’s start and end.